COLA Increase 2024 Medicare: Know About the Impact in Medicare Payments with the 2025 COLA increase forecast?

Cost-of-Living Adjustment/ COLA is supposed to increase by 3.2% in the upcoming year 2025. The COLA is provided annually to the Medicare recipient. It is given to the people who are receiving the Social Security payments. The benefit of COLA is to provide help to the people in the scenario of inflation and high prices of products. 

However the COLA provides only partial support in the phase of inflation, the senior people might be aware of this. Here we bring the full guide on what will be the scenario for the COLA 2025 as the COLA Increase 2024 Medicare. 

COLA Increase 2024 Medicare

Social Security Administration has released the official statement that COLA is 3.2% for the year 2024. In the past year, the percentage is 8.7%. The COLA is calculated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the organization uses CPI/Consumer Price Index to check the goods/services. As per the reports, the CPI for 2024 indicates that inflation has risen by 3.7%.

Now, the Social Security benefit checks may be increased by $59 for the year 2024 as COLA has increased by 3.2%. Hence Medicare Part B will also be increased in 2025. As a result of Medicare Part B, the customer will receive less relief. 

Impact of COLA increase forecast on medicare

The premiums for Medicare are supposed to increase for the year 2025. The exact amount of increase will be depicted when the official announcement is made by the Social Security Administration in October 2024. The retired people are eager to know what will be the increase in the Medicare payments in 2024. 

When will Social Security release the COLA estimate for 2025?

The SSA will issue the 2025 COLA increase on October 10. The announcement will be made by the SSA in collaboration with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. We have a few months to see the updated COLA. The estimates for the COLA show that an increase of 2.6% will be seen. It will not be too much high as per the prediction. 

Will a rise in Medicare costs be enough to offset by the COLA?

  • The Part B and Part D of the Medicare coverage are the most vulnerable parts. Prescription medicines were covered by the Part D and medical services are covered under the Part B. 
  • The premium for Medicare Part B will be deducted from the Social Security payments. The govt usually does not change the price of Part B.
  • Part A is for hospice care, inpatient rehabilitation, hospital and skilled nursing facility inpatient care, and some in-home care.
  • The value for Part A is increased by 2%, more amount will be deducted for the Part A expenses in 2024. 
  • Coinsurance schemes for hospital and skilled nursing care have also increased by 2%.
  • The increase is less than the expected increase.

How else may Medicare costs be impacted by my Social Security benefits?

For the people whose Social Security benefits cross the income range then the medicare cost might increase. Because Part D and Part B of Medicare are directly related to the income of the person. You have to pay more premiums for Medicare just for Part B and Part D. 

You should consult some finance experts who handle the tax methods for the people. The experts will tell you the ways to manage the income and to manage the premium for Medicare. You can consider the IRMAA to avoid paying more medicare premiums in case of an increase in income. 

You should discuss the Part D of the Medicare with the financial expert to check that either you require the service or which one. The plans in Part D will affect the prescription rates, pharmacies you have selected, and what pharmaceuticals are being covered in Part D. Part D can be updated by keeping the meds the same as previous ones.

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